The Mastermind That Is Re-Writing The High Ticket Coaching Game...In Your Favor!

How Can Elite CEOS Help Your Business Grow?

At Elite CEOs we know your passion IS your million-dollar business. We help coaches craft, capture, AND deliver their passion to the market with ease.

We believe everyone has a million-dollar offer inside them, waiting to be delivered to their audience. 

We provide the platform, tools & community for six & seven-figure online coaches to dominate their markets.

It Can Be Scary Launching An Online Business

It can also be extremely overwhelming.  We get it and that's why we do what we do.  

We encourage you to do your research and make an informed decision.  It's not an easy one to make!

All that we ask is that you be open minded to the idea of asking for help.  Seems simple enough, right?  But it isn't.

Asking for help takes a lot of courage.  Once you accept that you're going to see this process becoming a lot more fun!


The High-Ticket Offer

The offer is the key to having a successful business.  We guide you through the process of creating an offer that is so that clients are begging you to take their money.

Lead Generation

We teach our exact strategies that are working right now!  Once inside our program you'll be coached to become a master of our "Conversion Conversations™️" method.

High Ticket Sales

The clients that work with us become master closers.  Imagine if closing sales was actually easy and fun!  That's what happens when you have the skills & training you actually need.


Our goal is to help you master fulfillment so that your clients have an amazing experience.  If they do, they will tell others about you AND they'll continue to work with you.

"Where Did Elite CEOS Come From?"

From the Desk of Tanner Chidester

Founder & CEO of Elite CEOS

First, let me congratulate you on finding this page, I genuinely believe this is going to be a defining moment for you!

One thing I want to get right out of the way before you go any further…

I tell it like it is and I will not BS you!

Not everyone likes that about me but I’ve realized it’s the best thing I can do for you.

Why should you listen to me?  

Because I have taken a skill and grown it into a $25 million online business.  I have also helped thousands of clients create 6 and 7-figure businesses over that time.

But let's be clear, I didn't get off to a great start...


"2-Years Into Trying To Make My Online Business Work And All I'd Made Was a Whopping $2,000."

I had spent $30,000 on coaches and was making an honest effort to make it work.  I just couldn't seem to break through.

Then I decided to try a new approach that was different than what everyone else was doing and that's when things clicked.

What was it that I was doing that was different?  Well, that's what our program helps you master so I can't give away the farm just yet.  But let's just say, it wasn't the traditional model of running paid traffic to a webinar.

I started selling my personal training services online and doing high ticket fitness coaching.  Within 12 months I reached 7-figures.

During that time I had other fitness (and non-fitness) professionals asking me what I was doing.  A few even offered to pay me.  And so, Elite CEOS was born.

Fast forward 3 years and we've generated over $35 million in revenue and have a global team of over 30 full-time employees.

"What Makes Elite CEOS Different From Other Coaching/Mastermind Programs?"

First, it's the fact that I've success in both B2C & B2B coaching.

That means I've created a 7-figure business selling a real high-ticket service to an actual consumer (B2C).

And, I've created a 7-figure business selling a real high-ticket service to an established business (B2B).

Most coaches in the market made $10k in a month selling a service and immediately went into coaching, thinking there was more money in it.

So, to put it simply:  wouldn't you rather work with someone that has been where you are and achieved what you're trying to achieve?  

Next, it's our level of support that we provide our customers.

Initially, you'll be assigned a 1-1 coach that will be with you throughout your time in our program.

No, they don't do everything for you.  They are there to act as your Yoda as you attempt to defeat the nasty Empire.

In addition to your personal coach, our team has over 100 years of combined marketing expertise and as an Elite CEOS client you'll have access to them!

What we've learned over the years is that creating a successful online business isn't an event - it's a journey.  

The Elite CEOS Mastermind program doesn't complete the journey for you, but it makes completing that journey much more achievable than if you're trying to do it by yourself.

The common thing we hear from clients is "I wish I would have joined the program sooner."

"What Do I Get In The Mastermind?"

1-1 Private Coach

Every client receives their own personal coach that will be with them throughout their mastermind journey. This allows us to provide you with customized coaching and make sure you get the most from our program. No, the coaches don't do the work for you, but having their support is vital to success.

Daily Expert Lives

Imagine having access to experts in copywriting, ads, sales, offers, lead generation, funnels, operations and more!  When you join Elite Mastermind, you'll have access to daily live trainings from such experts.  This aspect of our program is priceless.  These experts would normally charge thousands each.  You have access to all of them at no additional charge!

Daily Coach Office Hours

Coaches from all of our skill coaches have regularly scheduled office hours that allow you to come on to Zoom and ask them questions directly.  If you're struggling with a specific strategy and your coach can't help you get the answer, office hours is there to make your life easier.  No more frustration trying to find the answer on YouTube or Google!

Training Portal w/8-Figure Strategies

Imagine having access to experts in copywriting, ads, sales, offers, lead generation, funnels, operations and more!  When you join Elite Mastermind, you'll have access to daily live trainings from such experts.  This aspect of our program is priceless.  These experts would normally charge thousands each.  You have access to all of them at no additional charge!

ROI + 20% Guarantee

At Elite CEOS, we believe so strongly that what we teach yields results, we not only stand behind it with a guarantee, but we also add a 20% ROI to it.  That means, if you come into our program and fulfill all the requirements of our program, if you don't earn your investment back we'll work with you until you make your money back PLUS a 20% additional ROI.

DFY Tech

Do you ever get frustrated trying to get your tech to work correctly?  You know, the funnels, buttons, optin forms, pixels, etc.  It's overwhelming for some and that's why we give you access to our in-house tech team.  That's right, if you need it, they'll come in and do all your tech set up for you.  They'll make sure your pixels are right, zaps are set up correctly, and more.

Premium Discounted Prices to Live Events

As an Elite Mastermind member you'll have exclusive access to the live, in-person events that we hold 4 times per year.  You'll receive premium discounted prices to these events.  You'll also receive either free access or deeply discounted prices to online virtual events that the public pays for.

DFY Funnel Templates

Trying to get your marketing funnel set up can cause a lot of online businesses to stall or fail to launch quickly.  We provide DFY funnel templates in all types of niches (fitness, weight-loss, nutrition, general biz coaching, real estate, finance, and more).  Many of these templates already have copy written for you.  In some cases you may only need to change the logo.

DFY Email Templates

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of your marketing process is your automated email follow-up.  Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs aren't great with copy.  Not worry, we've solved this problem for you.  We have DFY email templates to use from some of the biggest niches in the coaching space.  Just like funnels, in some cases you may just need to change the links.

Private Facebook Group Community

No, it's not just another Facebook group.  This is a community where you're surrounded with other online business owners.  Our members support each other and grow together.  What's unique about this community is only ACTIVE members of the mastermind get to participate.  That ensures that everyone in the group is in the same place with their growth and development.

Why We Love What We Do...

When Our Clients Win, We Win!

Income Disclosure Statement:
You are not a statistic, but the numbers and figures in this graph are. They are based on our average client data collected from 2018 - 2021. Clients included in this graph are people that completed our entire Elite CEOs Mastermind program and/or our Next Level program. Remember, business owner expenses, advertising, or promotional efforts will vary widely depending on goals and preference. Your own experience and results will vary greatly depending on your own choices, market conditions, work ethic, ability to follow instructions, take constructive criticism, and dedicate yourself to building something new and awesome. We don't promise or guarantee these explicit numbers. We think you're a bit more unique than a number on a graph.
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